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Me in 2004

My real name is Siim Ainsaar. I was born on August 19, 1986 in Tallinn, Estonia. My home is in Saku (the centre of Saku Parish). Coming from Tallinn Secondary Science School (Tallinna Reaalkool in Estonian) and, till the 9th form, Saku Gymnasium (Saku Gümnaasium), I am now studying physics in Tartu University (Tartu Ülikool). Therefore please apologize my occasional lack of wikitime.


I am interested in physics (mostly theoretical, but not exclusively), mathematics and also in other science subjects. I used to take part in many olympiads every year. In 2004 I reached the international level by getting a bronze medal on the International Physics Olympiad in Pohang, South Korea. In 2005 I got another one from Salamanca, Spain. Now I'm specializing to particle physics and cosmology.

My other interests include:

Me and Wikipedia

I have been using Wikipedia since 2004, choosing the username for a personal reason. This edit on 23 January 2005 was my thousandth. Usually, when I've not dived into the endless information labyrinth, I reside at the mathematics and science reference desks. Browsing the article space, I tend to immediately correct any small mistake I meet, especially regarding TeX and orthography. If I find anything I cannot fix, but seems to need attention, I tag it. Thus, my edits are mostly minor.

Selected Reference Desk contributions

  • A discussion at WP:RD/Math about the number of permutations with at least one 2-cycle
  • Another one about evaluation of a polynomial of degree and its derivatives at some point
  • Solved this, this and this nonlinear 2nd-order differential equation
  • Found a closed form expression for continued fraction [1;2,1,3,1,4,1,5,…]

Other places I reside at (besides this English Wikipedia)

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