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Better reference?

"Semiotic democracy and its broader relation, cultural democracy, are values that respect an audience’s (or a citizenry’s) rights and abilities to manipulate, comment on, criticize, and play with the signs that their culture makes available (Fiske 1987, Gans 1999, Doss 1995)." in Vaidyanathan, Siva. (2006). “Afterword—Critical Information Studies: A Bibliographic Manifesto” Cultural Studies 20(2/3) in "The Politics of Intellectual Properties" edited by Ted Striphas & Kembrew McLeod.

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I removed the link to John Fiske because it was a completely different John Fiske. The one in the article wrote a book called Television Culture, the other died in 1901.


Article cites no sources Bobkeyes (talk) 23:37, 1 March 2008 (UTC)[reply]